Most of my projects revolve around one of a number of themes:

    • Philanthropy. I’m always looking for models of philanthropy done well, and am particularly interested in the relationship between established, institutional philanthropy, and the newer forms of philanthropy now practiced by living donors.
    • Personal Archiving. Alfred de Grazia’s system for managing intellectual estates is a long term interest, and a focus for my past work at Personal Archiving.
    • Television Archiving. I’ve been blogging about developments in television archiving and Internet video since 2004, when the Kahle/Austin Foundation funded a position for me at UC Berkeley’s iSchool. From 2006 to 2009, I worked on a project at Thirteen, funded by the Library of Congress, called Preserving Digital Public Television, and from 2008 to 2011, I worked with the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, primarily on its Images for the Future and PrestoCentre projects.
    • Open Content. In 2005, I began an association with Intelligent Television, and have co-produced a series of conferences on open content, public media, educational video, and new models of cultural production held in Berkeley at the Hillside Club, MIT, WNET, and Columbia University.
    • Innovation. What is “responsibility in innovation?” Organized innovation is a power changing the world, and identifying and promoting responsible (and irresponsible) exercises of that power is the focus of the Bassetti Foundation.

    Board of directors & advisors

    Current and past service on boards of advisors and boards of directors includes:

    • Humanity 2050. Humanity 2050 seeks to ensure a livable human future in the world of 2050 and beyond. As a public policy institute, we work with others to find innovative ways of thinking about, addressing, and solving key global challenges of the modern age.
    • The Kahle/Austin Foundation. Supporting the Internet Archive.
    • Question Copyright Promoting public understanding of the history and effects of copyright, and encouraging the development of alternatives to information monopolies.
    • Hillside Club Founded in the late 19th century to promote good design practices in the Berkeley hills, the Hillside Club today is a community-based membership organization.
    • Raqim Foundation Raqim Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to alleviate poverty in Afghanistan. Our aim is to help empower the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan by partnering with local and international NGO’s in creating impact projects; and by providing financial assistance, technical assistance and support to grass roots groups, as well as dedicated individuals that are directly involved in implementing community-based development and relief projects.
    • Support Intelligence Support Intelligence is a network security company located in Richmond, California.

    Conference organizing and workshops

    Work on these themes and with these organizations has involved organizing a number conferences, workshops, and public discussions, including:

    Past Projects and Affiliations

    Some of the other organizations I’ve been involved with include: